CEO Comité Européen de l‘Outillage 
European Tool Committee 
Europäisches Werkzeugkomittee


In the new millenium, the European tool industry is facing new challenges in terms of worldwide business globalisation, e.g. the ongoing development of the internal market and the invention of the electronic business.

Every single tool producing company, regardless of its size and of its importance in the European tool market, must be kept informed about the movements in its business and economic environment, in order to adjust structures and activities accordingly. Presently, technologies, market situations and legal developments are changing much faster than in the past. Not being sufficiently informed today can cause serious problems tomorrow.

The European Tool Association CEO assists member companies in collecting and interpreting necessary information they need for their daily business activities.

CEO will take influence on political or technical decisions based on the firm intention of the European tool industry.

For this reason, we are exclusively working with a lobbyist based in Brussels, who knows well the infrastructure of the European Commission.

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